I search for light when my brain and heart is drowning in the darkness of your thoughts  . It’s like thinking about you makes me so sad that I feel  like all the things , all the happiness  has disappeared in that one moment. All I see is the  clear memories of us which my […]

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Can’t let it go

I just can’t let it go The constant reminder of the society that a woman should have a perfect body , Even a eleven year old is conscious . Hairs on body , being fat , stretch marks are not advisable . best features, best looks, the perfect waist of woman they all want to […]

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I don’t want to be the petal Attracting monsters I want to be the thorns Which no body likes to touch Which protects itself . -jahnavi

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I’m afraid to walk alone Your sight haunts my feelings You are a wanderer Searching for something To capture me with To destroy me with And, To bury me with , alive. -jahnavi 

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I’m living in a fairytale But soon it will end . Tonight , the lights will be off again And his hands will be on me. Tears will fall down again Reaching out to a hand which Presses my mouth forcefully . Tomorrow , there will be light again But my eyes will fail to […]

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my mistake

Loving you, was my mistake. You didn’t promise me of a happy paradise so why I am accusing you of leaving me in pain. I loved you unconditionally taking the hints which you never gave . You are not responsible for my heartbreak because you never accepted my heart then how can you break it. […]

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He’s the musician And I’m the Strings of his guitar He creates music out of me And I dance on his one touch . I try to show him the rhythm He always wanted to hear And that’s the time I break Giving my all energy and heart. – jahnavi

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She hides herself behind her poetry Is all they assume But, It’s the poetry that hides her emotions Giving her a chance to Use her hurtful heart As the ink and paper of dangerous blood bleeding pain . -jahnavi

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